Remote Control

The Raspberry Pi, like most other computer systems, requires additional hardware such as a a keyboard, mouse and screen to be used.  These are not provided with the Pi and have to be purchased separately.

An alternative solution is to use an existing device that includes all these elements, such as a desktop computer system, laptop or tablet. The software that runs on these devices will depend on what type of access is required to the Pi. At its heart the Pi is a Linux computer system that is controlled at the command line (Like the DOS prompt). Many users will be uncomfortable with this and prefer to use a Graphical User Interface (GUI) like Windows or OS X.

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Advantages of using an external device include: no need to buy additional hardware, can control the Pi from a distance, etc.

Using a GIU with a PC.

There are a number of ways of controlling a computer system remotely using a GUI. Controlling a system in this way makes the desktop of the remote system appear on the screen you are using. The two most often used methods are VNC and RDP.

VNC is available on most computer systems, it is free and simple to use. The Pi can be controlled using VNC. Using VNC on a Windows PC requires downloading a small program onto the Windows system.

RDP is a proprietary protocol from Microsoft and is built into most Windows systems. Controlling a Pi using RDP does not require any addition software to be installed onto the Pi.

Using a GUI with a tablet

Most tablets can control a PI by using VNC or RDP. This usually involves downloading an APP onto the tablet. This applies both to iOS devices such as iPads and Android tablets.

Setting up the Pi.

The usual software that is installed on the Pi does not include an RDP or VNC server. This is needed to allow a PC or tablet to control the Pi. One program that will allow this is xRDP. xRDP needs to be installed onto the Pi.



Remote Control File Transfer
PC Various VNC Clients Inbuilt Putty
MAC Chicken of VNC Remote Desktop Conection Inbuilt Terminal
iOS Pocket Cloud not known
Android ConnectBot
On the Pi xRDP ssh (in Built) vsftpd

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