TS3 Training: Learning Solutions - That Work

 We offer Microsoft® certified IT training - with 3 training options

  • We travel to your offices with our laptops & projectors - a mobile classroom
  • You use our online web site that contains a variety of training courses
  • We can provide individual remote training without you leaving your desk.

The Mobile Classroom


Online Training


Training At Your Desk






We have invested heavily in IT equipment including flightcases of IBM ThinkPad laptops, projectors, screens etc. This means that we can provide training anywhere in the country including at clients´┐Ż premises.


We have built an online training site that contains numerous training resources.

For more information
┬ click the link below.


If you just need 10 minutes on how to do use any specific feature we offer our ByteSize training.
You view our desktop online whilst we show you how. ByteSize does not need any software to be installed on your system.

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